About Us


IPA is a registered company in UAE under the name and style as International Promoters Association registered under Economic Department , legally permitted to work under the following activities.,

  • Marketing Management
  • Project Management
  • Event Management
  • Public Relations Management
  • CSR Initiatives preparation
  • Corporate Service Provider

Presently IPA is registered in Dubai and soon it will spread its wings to other GCC countries.The aim of IPA is to create a platform for its clients to promote / develop business , share ideas between clients , establish relationship between clients, get proper training , etc..

IPA will involve in offering consultancy services to its members called ‘Clients’ for promoting their business and enhance their profitability.Each clients who are enrolled in IPA will be treated as ‘Clients’ and will be associating with IPA by entering into a legal ‘Consultancy Application form’ for availing the services at a prescribed annual fee , which will be reviewed time to time.IPA prefer to sign a contract with companies , however an individual can also enter into contract with IPA for availing consultancy services for business setup in UAE.